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Sleepless in Scotland

telling tales out of school

Ywain (the bastard) Penbrydd
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((This was the diary of an RP character, and the admin log of MH/AD Admin #1. Do not mistake anything herein for RL events, unless it's marked "desert of the real", all the rest is just part of the game, the fic, or the fandom. This admin had a real journal, elsewhere, but all the fancrack gets joined from here.))

Desert of the Real

Ywain Penbrydd: Writer, Prince of Porn, God of the Thirty-Foot Radius
I'm older than I look, and pleased to still be breathing. I indulge in both fanfiction and original fiction, although my originals are far less quick and easy. I'm currently working on a ... not-a-novel called Sky.

Harry Potter

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On Amortentia Dolorosa
Admin #1 -- the dick.

Also, quietly playing a couple of characters and one of the NPC accounts.

On Meht's Hogwarts
Mehetabel Robichaux-Prince, better known as Meht Prince, is the last and wholly unacknowledged son of the Caliphet family.

Randolph Caliphet, Meht's father, never content with being simply rich, changed his name in 1973 to Randall Prince to add a bit of flair and pureblooded history to his family. Of course, if he'd paid attention, he'd have noticed that he was in fact a pureblooded Yaxley, down from Renault Yaxley, who in 1817 changed his name to Arcturus Caliphet in order to escape a pistol duel he'd been challenged to by a Muggle anatomist. So pass the histories of the foolish and cowardly.


Can be convinced to RP: Renji, Ukitake, Ishida, Shunsui

Stamped as Shunsui at Bleach Ratings!


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Can be convinced to RP: Genma, Hayate, Raidou, Kotetsu

Stamped as Kakashi at Ninjafy!

Kamizuki Izumo in the Naruto Shippuden blogcrew!

Star Trek

Can be convinced to RP: nu!Spock, Spock!Prime, nu!Kirk, Lore, Q

Confesses to an OC:
Starek, Romulan defector: This GQMF did not defect from the Romulan Empire to join the Federation. Oh, fuckno. He has rejected the Empire and the Federation, and considers himself a free agent, and nobody's responsibility but his own. After learning the phrase "airship pirate" from some 20th century Earth media, he's done his ship up in as much wood and brass as he can, and annoys the shit out of his crew by wearing a scarf on his head and a cravat at his neck.

Starek frequently poses as a Vulcan, because it's less likely to get his ass shot while in Federation space, but he can only hold up the logic for so long, before his inner fabulousness starts to seep through. He's swishy and sly, and has an alcohol tolerance to rival a Klingon's. If Starek had another head, he'd be motherfuckin' Zaphod.

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